Eurobike 2018: latest news and show highlights

Rotor's 13-speed groupset, CeramicSpeed's chain-free drive shaft, on-board aerodynamics monitoring and more

BikeRadar is at Eurobike, the world’s largest cycling trade show. It's packed full of the latest tech, bikes, gadgetry and kit galore, not to mention plenty of weird and wonderful creations. Read on to discover the best (and worst!) of what's on offer.

So far we've found a brand new 13-speed groupset from Rotor, a chain-free drive shaft from CeramicSpeed and an on-board device for monitoring aerodynamics. That's just the tip of the iceberg, so keep checking back for updates!

Exclusive: Rotor introduces 13-speed hydraulic groupset for all disciplines

Rotor has released a new 13-speed groupset
Rotor has released a new 13-speed groupset

A BikeRadar exclusive! The groupset arms race takes an interesting turn with the release of Rotor’s 1x13, 13-speed hydraulic groupset, which is adaptable for road, mountain, cyclocross and gravel riding.

Notio Konect provides all your aero data without a wind tunnel

The new Notio Konect
The new Notio Konect

Mounted to the underside of an out-front computer mount, the Notio Konect features a pitot tube — which is the same thing as those little sticks you see pointing out of the nose cone of an aircraft — which, among other things, measures wind speed.

Faster than any chain: CeramicSpeed DrivEn

More efficient than a chain, claims CeramicSpeed
More efficient than a chain, claims CeramicSpeed

CeramicSpeed and Friction Facts have made a business of reducing friction to an absolute minimum, whether using ceramic bearings, oversized pulleys or highly specialized chain lube.

CeramicSpeed has just won a Eurobike Award at the trade show in Germany for its DrivEn drive shaft concept, which it claims is substantially more efficient than even the most optimized chain system.

Wahoo launches cheaper Kickr, plus trainer-controlled fan

Two new products from Wahoo
Two new products from Wahoo

Wahoo's Kickr revolutionised indoor training, but the power-measuring smart trainer, which works with third-party apps to control resistance, is cost-prohibitive for many.

Now, Wahoo has a £699 / $899 Kickr Core that uses the same technology and flywheel, but with a different leg configuration. The company also has a new category of product: the smart fan. The fan determines its speed according to the effort level of the rider, using heart rate, power or speed, via ANT+.

A peek inside Eurobike

Our Eurobike photo gallery with images galore
Our Eurobike photo gallery with images galore

Ever wondered what over 10 giant halls packed with brilliant, crazy bike kit looks like? Wonder no longer and click through to our gallery instead.

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