How to change a gear cable - video

Renew your gear cables for a smoother-running drivetrain

Mountain bike gear cables can snap or wear out over time, or can attract dirt or become corroded, all of which stops your bike shifting smoothly. Fitting a new gear cable is simple though, and doing so will keep your drivetrain in good working order for longer.

In the first of a new series of videos called Park Tool Maintenance Monday, BikeRadar's James Tennant explains how to carry out this task in a step-by-step walkthough. He also shows you which tools you need to do it and even offers a few pro tips along the way.

We've demonstrated the gear cable change on a mountain bike, but the procedure is similar for a road bike.

How to change a gear cable

Video: How to change a gear cable

Need to stock up on tools before you start? You can purchase any of the Park Tools used in the video at a number of dealers across the UK and internationally.

Maintenance Monday will be running every week for the next year, so look out for a new video every Monday. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the BikeRadar YouTube channel to make sure you never miss an installment.

If you prefer written instructions, check out this older article.

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