CycraGuard rear mudguard review£20.00

Best rear defence

BikeRadar score4/5

CycraGuard should know a thing or two about mudguards as the company make a massive range of fenders and guards for our motor-powered brethren.

The rear-mounting seatpost bracket is solid and well finished. It’s time consuming to get the adjustment in the right spot with the toothed inner section, but all is forgiven once you’ve got it in place and it stays super-stable.

The solid design continues through to the fender itself, which is good, but not quite as wide or as long as its rival the SKS Grand MOM. However, the slimmer design does make it easier when riding steep sections when your bum’s right over the back of the saddle.

NOTE: Price is for front and rear mudguard set. You can read a review of the front guard here.

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