DHB Merston women's jersey review£35.00

Simple slim cut garment

BikeRadar score2/5

This budget jersey cuts a few corners on its way to the pricetag, not least in terms of fabric metres – our size 14 sample came up snug on size 10 testers, definitely making it one for the more petite rider.

Styling is on the traditional side and the fabric has little technicality. With a brushed back, it wicks well and is comfortable enough when worn alone as well as being reasonably resilient.

It also traps plenty of insulating air when worn as a mid-layer, but the short zip limits venting options and it soon developed that familiar gym-kit funk. Offset shoulder seams are pack-safe but the needlessly bulky pocket seams are uncomfortable.

We managed to break the zip pull on the first ride and we’d prefer to see an even number of pockets to allow level loading. There are few things more annoying than a jersey that slowly works its way around your chest on a long descent.

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