Fox Blackout long-sleeved jersey review£39.99

Top notch downhill jersey

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The Fox pedigree is apparent the moment you slide the Blackout jersey over your head. With many DH jerseys looking similar, the difference is in the wearing and the Blackout feels immediately better.

The cut is good with a close neck that doesn’t slide around but doesn’t feel like it’s going to choke you when you start to breathe hard.

The slim forearms stay either up or down as needed but graduate to shoulders with plenty of unrestricted movement.

There’s not too much chance of overheating, as the whole back panel is a lighter mesh that feels very airy when riding.

That doesn’t mean you feel unprotected – the arms have padded patches and the longer back, which easily goes over armour, can be worn comfortably tucked in or left loose.

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