Ground Effect Manta Ray jersey review£38.00

Loose-fit summer riding shirt

BikeRadar score2.5/5

The Manta Ray is a baggy top, even taking Ground Effect’s larger than usual sizing into account, with a loose hem and cuffs, and a navel-length zip. But despite that scope for extra airflow, this is one of the warmest jerseys we've worn for a while.

When we tested it in the environment chamber at Sheffield Hallam University, our skin temperature rose quite quickly at first and then continued to rise steadily until we were hotter than with any of the other jerseys by the end of the test period.

The fabric has a polyester inner layer with a cotton outer, and although it didn’t get as heavy with sweat as we feared, we found it would get damp in patches and then take a long time to dry out. However it’s a soft and well-made jersey, and most of the seams are flat-stitched so there’s no rubbing.

You get a long, lumbar covering back and a large zipped pocket that’ll easily hold everything you need. It’s fine for spring and autumn days but for really hot days we’d reach for something cooler.

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