Helly Hansen Women's Stripe Hoodie review£60.00

Super-warm top from soft goods supremos

BikeRadar score4/5

It’s billed as base layer, but this hooded top is far too thick and warm to wear under anything more than a lightweight waterproof unless temperatures dropped below freezing.

The Lifa fabric is considerably heavier than the Helly base layers we’re used to, which is no bad thing – a good mid-layer is just as valuable in our changeable climate and this does a grand job of shifting sweat from inside to out.

The hood fits fine under a helmet, and a high zip neck keeps draughts out whether it’s up or down.

There’s even a tiny but very effective baffle behind the zip to stop it chafing.

Do beware of sizing, which is a little snug – go up a size to avoid claustrophobic moments.

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