Jett Raptor jersey review

A new take on a traditional jersey

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Jett's Raptor is a traditional cycling jersey with a few new-school features, in a relaxed but not baggy mountain bike cut. It's well ventilated, with mesh side panels running from the waist to the armpits and a 3/4-length front zipper. In fact, ventilation is so good that use is limited to warm weather.

The collar is also mostly mesh, with Lycra taping for comfort, and the bulk of the jersey is made from a breathable, antimicrobial polyester. When used with a hydration pack over a period of several months, the mesh side panels began to show wear from shoulder strap friction, but not to the point of actually wearing through. Overall quality is good.

Unlike many mountain bike jerseys, the Raptor has pockets – three at the back and one small one at the side – so you don't need a pack if all you want to carry are essentials like a multi-tool and mini-pump. The side pocket is zippered and has an MP3 earphone port; it seems a bit odd to house an electronic device right up against sweaty skin, with just a mesh liner to act as a moisture barrier.

The center pocket is zippered and its neighboring pockets have Velcro squares to keep bulkier items stowed. We had an energy bar slide out on a steep, rough descent so they’re not entirely secure, but they're more accessible on-the-fly than a zippered pocket.

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