NZO TQ Dunc review£23.20

Light & airy summer mountain bike shirt

BikeRadar score4/5

The peculiarly-named TQ Dunk is a loose and airy synthetic jersey that’s great in hot weather but a bit short on features.

This baggy shirt is made from a polyester mesh Nzo calls Air8, which is so full of holes it lets the flavour flood out, er, sorry, lets the breeze straight through.

A high neck keeps the sun off this easily-burned area and the 3/4-length sleeves do the same for your upper arms. The cut is loose and the raglan sleeves provide plenty of space in the shoulders.

It’s very comfy to wear and delivers on the promise of hot-day airyness.

We know it would miss the point to ask for a full suite of jersey features, but we'd like to see at least one pocket somewhere on the TQ Dunk. A microfiber patch to wipe your sunglasses would be nice too.

Sizing is along t-shirt lines. If you generally take a size L tee, you'll need a size L TQ.

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