Specialized Trail Top review£40.00

Well-ventilated trail wear

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Specialized’s low-key jersey comes in a baggy cut with loose cuffs, closed mesh sides and underarm panels so plenty of air can circulate, while a sternum-length zip lets you enjoy the breeze when the going gets tough.

The sweatbox results confirmed what we felt in the real world: our skin temperature remained pretty constant in the Trail Top, rising just slightly over the test period. It shifts sweat away from your body well too, without getting waterlogged as soon as the terrain heads upwards.

The fabric contains Cocona, which uses activated carbon from coconut fibres designed to improve the cooling and reduce the build up of odour that you often get with synthetics. After a few weeks hard use, our sniff tests confirmed the results too.

You don’t get a huge amount of storage space, but the zipped pockets on the chest and side are big enough for carrying your essentials, and flat-stitching throughout keeps irritation to a minimum, even when used with a loaded backpack.

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