Adidas Cyclone shoes review£64.89

Lightweight all-purpose summer shoes

BikeRadar score3.5/5

If the golfer looks are putting you off, fear not, because the Cyclone is also available in a more stealthy black, with contrast white Adidas logo. The non-marking sole is stiffer and grippier than it looks, with a pleasant amount of ‘give’ in the heel when you’re walking the streets. 

Doing away with old fashioned laces, the quick-fit closure system is very simple and, true to its name, quick to use.

On the downside, there’s a complete lack of reflective tabs, which is a real shame for commuting use. T

he open mesh design is lightly padded and well suited to summer riding, while the overall cut of the shoe is long and thin. 

Although the Cyclones seem to be fairly well made, they’re definitely on the pricey side given their simplicity and lack of features.  

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