Adidas Minrett Shoes review£54.99

Trainer-style good all rounder

BikeRadar score4/5

With the sole definitely on the stiff side but a narrow toe box, the Adidas Minrett shoes are good for both riding and relaxing. Thanks to their very conventional, trainer-style looks, they won’t get a second glance in the local pub.

The Adidas Minretts feature lightweight mesh sides and a split suede upper, so although they’re padded around the heel and ankle, they’re actually quite quick to dry too.

Cleat depth is also good, as the tread angles away from the cleat at the side, increasing ground clearance.

Although the cut is respectably roomy across the shoe and at the heel, the toe box is a little on the narrow side, which is fine if that suits your foot shape, but, as with any shoes, it’s best to try before you buy.

For good commuting credentials, there’s a small reflective tab at the heel for catching car headlights.

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