Animal Ashton shoes review£54.99

Signature sneakers

BikeRadar score3.5/5

These are the signature clogs of trials legend Martyn Ashton, but there’s more to them than bunnyhops and squeaky brakes.

The upper is neatly stitched with a mix of resilient leather and soft suede, while the entry to the shoe uses a grippy, Alcantara-like material.

This makes putting them on a bit of a chore, because it tends to grab your socks, but it does lock you in place,without having to squash your foot in with the laces.

The outsole is well suited to street nuggets, trials hoppists and air bandits, because the compound allows some movement on the pedals for tweaking tricks, but isn’t tacky enough for off-road shredding.

The mid sole offers plenty of heel cushion, with a Nike-style air bag. It also gives just the right amount of flex for bending your feet round the pedals, but not so much that the arch of your foot gets battered.

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