Diadora X-Trail Evo shoes review£115.00

Grippy and aggresive trail footwear

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Diadora have been off-radar for a while but now they're back with a great looking range of shoes. We got these X-Trail EVO numbers and love the original looks.

Trail by name and trail by nature, they combine a reasonably light upper, but with good toe protection and an aggressively treaded sole.

The large rubber paddle grips are quite a soft compound, which grips well on wet rocks and roots, unlike the plasticky soles of many of its competitors.

The foot bed is instantly very comfortable, and the soft upper holds the foot securely, without any pressure points, via twin Velcro straps and an effective ratchet.

The upper is cut quite high on the inside, which does mean it digs into the ankle slightly, but this is only noticeable when walking, not riding. 

The Velcro straps, particularly the front one, are cut long too, leaving them flapping in the wind and gathering trail debris.

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