FiveTen Freerider shoes review£75.00

The best flat pedal shoe available

BikeRadar score4/5

It’s hard to say something that hasn’t already been said about FiveTen when it comes to performance. They are simply the best flat pedal riding shoe available today. But somehow they have stepped it up again this year, by adding three new models to their range including a female specific shoe. 

The new Freerider definitely has a street savvy edge, as opposed to FiveTen's slightly clumpy downhill footwear. On the bottom you will find the legendary Stealth rubber sole, which stick to pedals like dog eggs to a shovel. 

The Freerider is similar to the current Ba51c model, but the body of the shoe has more padding to give your tootsies a bit more protection. This new model comes in grey, 'Burgundy' and our personal favourite 'Scribble'.

It's perfect for the type of person who wants to street ride to the shops in the morning, then hit dirt jumps for elevenses and rip the local downhill tracks to pieces all afternoon.

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