Gaerne Eskimo shoes review£160.00

Great for quick, cold blasts

BikeRadar score2.5/5

This big boot from the Italian motocross powerhouse Gaerne looks to offer serious weather protection, but we found that the open top and offset sizing undermined the Eskimo’s undeniable potential.

It’s not race light but the power transfer is good, the open tread sole sheds mud quickly and there are optional toe studs for steep slope grip. However, the hard compound is slippery rather than grippy on wet roots and rocks.

The waterproof liner is fully sealed for paddling while a layer of Thinsulate and the zipped stretch gaiter over the laces keep it cosy in cold, dry conditions. Wet gets in the open top quickly, though, and the zip and lace lock soon get gritty and sticky.

Sizing is a major issue as, despite loosening up a bit after we’d been out for a few rides, our size 45 sample felt more like a 43 and started to cut off circulation. Several of our testers found the tall, stiff upper uncomfortable too, so make sure you check the it before you buy.

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