Gaerne G.Mythos Plus shoes review£199.99

Stiff road kicks

BikeRadar score3.5/5

There are two good reasons to look past the appearance of these truly lairy shoes: they also come in white, silver or black, and they're very good. The heel cup is well shaped and has an internal gripper. The tongue is well padded, instep support is good and you can adjust the wide top strap to always sit centrally.

The ratchet is mounted on a plastic base before the shoe’s upper, doing a great job of spreading pressure. The Velcro straps include Gaerne’s ‘Safety Lock’ ratchet in the D-ring which makes it easy to set the right tension and holds them if the strap opens. They feel stiff, but they’re on the heavy side and pricey for a nylon-soled shoe.

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