Gaerne Lapo mountain bike shoes review£79.99

Versatile footwear

BikeRadar score3.5/5

While Gaerne race shoes are visually stunning, the trail shoes are a bit clunky looking, but are some of the best performing options out there. The Vibram rubber soles are grippy and about the hardest wearing we’ve encountered.

The cleat pocket is the perfect depth to give SPD users a solid link to the pedal without rocking and doesn’t hinder the float rotation of the cleat. You can remove the screw-in cleat pocket cover or leave it in. The toe box is a bit narrow, but well protected. The rest of the upper is a blend of nylon mesh and Nubuck leather secured with laces and a Velcro crossover strap.

It’s not a winter or wet weather specialist, but is reasonably warm and fast drying. It's not as cool looking as the latest trainer/skate shoe style options, but in reality probably a better technical choice for the hardcore rider. We hear that for 2012 the Gaerne trail shoe offering will be one of the most high-tech ever.

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