Lake CX190 road shoes review£90.00

Great fit and comfort, slightly marred by a niggly buckle

BikeRadar score4/5

The fit and comfort of these shoes has proved excellent, aided by a broader than average toe box. The glass fibre injected nylon sole might be a poor man's carbon but it certainly delivers in terms of stiffness and power transfer.

However, the 'micro step' buckle on the test sample tried my patience, refusing to release sufficiently to allow my foot in (much to my wife's amusement). Perseverance revealed how precise a fit could be achieved, yet I still failed to master adjustment on the fly.

The classy silver/black colour scheme looks contemporary, with good detailing including sturdy scuff guards around the heel. Leather/mesh uppers are mated to soles drilled for both Look and SPD fittings, although I miss the additional security offered by lace and Velcro closure.

In wet conditions I was surprised at how dry my feet remained, and the uppers are very easy to care for - a quick wipe over with a damp cloth keeps them looking pretty.

Road shoes have become uniformly good to the point where it can be difficult to distinguish between brands. At £90 these shoes ain't cheap, but they pack in a fair bit of technology for the money.

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