Pearl Izumi X-Alp Drift mountain bike shoes review£90.00

Go-to footwear for hot weather riding

BikeRadar score4/5

The X-Alp Drift blends modern running shoe design and sport sandal breathability with pro cross-country race shoe features and the comfort of traditional soft trail footwear. We’ve been testing them on the trail and in hot spin classes because of how well vented they are. Come summer, they’ll be go-tos for hot weather riding.

The toe box is wide and deep with lots of wiggle room, and is reinforced with a rubber toe guard that hits the hard stuff before you. A plastic heel counter strap ensures a snug heel fit. The upper is closed with race shoe-style triple Velcro forefoot straps. Velcro straps give a feeling of security and personalised fit that often laces alone can’t touch.

The outsole is rubber and hooks up well on soft trails and gives more traction than the other skatey offerings. The shoe upper and outsole are both wearing well with plenty of trail under them so far.

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