Shimano AM51 mountain bike shoes review£120.00

Protective footwear

BikeRadar score3.5/5

For a boot with a lot of protection the AM51 isn’t as heavy as it might be. Its high sides are juxtaposed with the relatively low height of the achilles notch, allowing for full front to back ankle movement. The synthetic leather upper is tough enough to take a regular pasting, and integrated reinforced patches offer extra abrasion resistance in key areas.

The mid-sole is a glass-fibre-reinforced nylon affair that gives a solid pedalling platform. The relatively low profile outsole gives up a little in outright walking traction, but provides more grip than flatter-soled, trainer-inspired bike shoes

The option to fit toe studs helps give the AM51 genuine all-mountain ability. It’s not massively warm despite its size and with some good venting it’s also not great in downpours. Triple Velcro straps give a secure feel and thanks to a broad forefoot yet narrow heel you don’t need to overdo the tension to achieve a snug fit.

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