Shimano M182N Shoes review£99.99

Subtle-looking high-performance dirt shoes

BikeRadar score4/5

These are the latest high performance shoe offering from Shimano, and they definitely have an air of subtlety about them. With an all-black construction, this is a great shoe for those of us who want to have the performance of a race shoe, without looking as though we have a pair of solar-powered disco slippers on our feet.

The sole is super stiff, with carbon fibre reinforcement, and it also sports a pair of replaceable studs in the front. 

The fit of a shoe is an individual thing, but these fit just as well as the rest of Shimano’s biking clogs – so if you’ve tried any before, you’ll know what to expect.

Your foot is held in place easily and efficiently by two offset velcro straps and a plastic ratchet tensioner. 

Although the shoes’ synthetic upper is perforated for breathability, the polyurethane coating has a damn good go at keeping the wet out, and the carbon fibre effect on the top looks rad as well. 

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