Shimano M310 shoes review£249.99

Best fitting mountain bike shoe

BikeRadar score4/5

A direct descendent of the first Shimano SPD shoes from 1990, the pro race level M310s have an exceptionally stiff full-length carbon fibre midsole, with some abbreviated hard plastic moulded tread blocks accompanied by a pair of blanked stud holes in the toe.

The magic, though, is found on the upper: when you buy the M310 (and any Shimano shoe with Custom Fit uppers) you can opt to have the shoes heat shrunk to fit your personal foot shape. (This is done in store and can be redone a number of times.)

Once moulded, the 310 is pretty much the best fitting mountain bike shoe, with only the Sidi Dragon 2s getting close – mostly on their exceptional heel fit.

The 310’s smooth micro buckle keeps the shoe fitting snugly, with support from the wide twin Velcro forefoot straps. The Shimano micro buckle is a thing of beauty and helps tailor the fit perfectly to your foot.

Durability is very good – bordering on excellent – and despite its fancy looks, the M310 is a genuine off-road workhorse capable of year-round daily pounding. Be careful on wet and slippery surfaces, though, as the exposed carbon on the sole  can easily catch you out.

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