Shimano MT51 trail shoes review£59.95

Comfort, fit & performance at an amazing price

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Super-comfy trail shoes that truly perform, the snappily-named MT51s offer comfort, fit and performance at an amazing price

Right from the off, you’ll find it hard to fault the sleek-looking MT51 trail shoes in terms of comfort. While there’s enough flex for walking, it’s not all lost in power transfer.

The combination of laces with a retention strap means they’re not as easy as some to get on and off, but they feel solid on your foot and the lace bows are protected.

These mid-top style boots offer plenty of ankle protection and padding, especially from the tongues, making them good day-long epic shoes where you might have to get off and walk as well as spend hours in the saddle.

Protection isn’t ignored either, with panelled sides and plenty of nose coverage. The smaller mesh panels aren’t quite as airy as some shoes when the mercury starts to rise mid-summer, though.

All of this makes for easily the comfiest trail shoes we've ridden recently, and they're great value too.

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