Shimano R220 shoes review£139.99

Snug race shoe at a great price

BikeRadar score4/5

The R220 is a trickle down, slightly cheaper version of Shimano’s Custom-Fit R300 shoes. The 220’s essentially give all the fitted performance of the 300 shoe but with a slightly less aggressive carbon sole and upper. 

Once they're fitted to your feet it’s hard to notice the difference between the 220 and its pricier brother though – as far as we’re concerned, weight is the only difference separating them.

The fit system inherits similar technology used in the ski boot industry and they have to be fitted at a shop that carries the necessary equipment. This involves the shoes and insoles being baked in an oven then vacuum packed to your feet to take on their shape.

It really does work and is especially noticeable in the degree you can tighten the buckles down without the pressure becoming uncomfortable. Combineone s that with the all carbon sole and it makes the 220 one snug race shoe at a great price.

  • Weight: 710g (45)
  • Sizes: 39-48
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  • Discipline: Road, Mountain, Urban, Womens
  • Location: UK, USA, Australia

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