Shimano SPD-WM61 women's shoes review£90.00

Year-round protection

BikeRadar score3/5

The new women’s-specific WM61 off-road shoe from Shimano bears a striking resemblance to last year’s high-end WM80 – except it costs £50 more.

The new shoe gains a neat and easy-to-use micro-adjust ratchet and some distinctly tougher styling, although the delicate eggshell blue, pretty though it is, isn’t a practical colour choice for winter riding.

The combination of buckle and Velcro straps means they cinch up tight and stay that way. Although the cuff’s cut low around the ankle for maximum flexibility, the heel cup is slim enough to grip your heel snugly.

Decent reflective marks on the heels score safety points, and a soft mesh cutaway section at the top of the tongue eliminates any sore spots, although they’re on the narrow side.

Fibreglass reinforcement inside the sole means they’re efficient enough for race use, with the optional toe stud fittings and flexible soft rubber lugs working well on rocks and cafe floors alike. Synthetic leather scrubs up well and nylon mesh panels will either sluice or cool toes, depending on the season.

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