Sidi Dragon 2 Carbon SRS review£219.00

Great shoe made even better with more carbon

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Sidi's Dragon 2 was already one of the most technically advanced mountain bike cross-country race shoes in the world. Its SRS (Sole Replacement System) means you can easily replace the soft rubber lugs when they wear out. The shoes also have a unique adjustable heel fit, plus Velcro, speed dial and micro buckle closures to provide the most adjustable and comfortable fit on the market.

They’re durable, too, thanks to the strength of the Lorica synthetic leather uppers. In fact, the only downside to the Sidi shoes has been their use of nylon-reinforced plastic for the mid-soles, instead of following the modern trend for stiffer carbon fibre items.

For 2008, though, the range-topping Dragon 2 SRS will come with a full-length carbon fibre mid-sole, which makes the shoe at least as stiff as the other top-end carbon-soled race shoes on the market (Shimano’s M300, Specialized’s BG Pro and Northwave’s Aerators). We rode the new shoes (supplied in dazzling all-white) and immediately noticed the difference between these and the plastic-soled Dragon SRSs we’ve previously owned.

Power delivery is instant, but then it was with the old shoes – when they were new, anyway. It’s down the trail, say in 200-300 miles time, when the real difference is noticed. Sidi’s plastic soles have a habit of softening up after a few hundred miles. Not so the new carbons; these beauties should be as stiff in two years time as they are the day they came out of the box. Great news for racers.

They’re not as good at letting you run up hills as the old ones (where you had more feel from the toes), but as pedalling machines for racers, these are perfection.

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