Specialized BG Tahoe shoes review£65.00

Stylish cycle footwear

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The Tahoe uses Specialized’s Body Geometry system, which is meant to allow your foot to sit in the most comfortable riding position without cramping or overheating.

That’s the theory, anyway – and, yes, it does work in practice. This is a bike shoe you’d happily put on in the morning for a day in and out of the saddle and barely notice that you were wearing.

The down-to-toe lace design has something of a climbing shoe about it, making for a laid-back style that sits as easily with jeans or mooching-around-town shorts as it does with riding kit.

We like the snug and secure fit, and there’s just enough forefoot stiffness for easy or short rides. It won’t be your footwear of choice for those epic long-distance rides, though.

If you’re looking for a shoe that’s easy on the eye around town and comfortable underfoot on pavements then the Tahoe would be a good choice. We especially like it for towpath commutes and Saturday-night rides.

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