Specialized BG Sport mountain bike shoes review£59.99

Comfortable shoes that also work well for touring

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Their snug fit and stiff sole make the Specialized BG Sport mountain bike shoes the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn except for a pair of £180 heat-moulded Shimano R300s.

Some cycling shoes feel like Chinese foot bindings. That's because North Europeans, including us Brits, have wider feet than most and some shoes just aren't designed to accommodate them.

Specialized's shoes are. They're wide and deep enough that when you snug down the three Velcro straps your toes and instep aren't constricted.

The Body Geometry footbed is good too, giving excellent arch support and a slight tilt that aims to 'improve knee/foot/hip alignment'.

There's a Body Geometry road range, including a Sport Road, at the same price as this, but the off-road range will better suit those tourers and commuters who like to walk anywhere.

They only accept two-bolt mountain bike cleats, and while some off-road shoes take toe studs, which is good for cyclo-cross, these don't.

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