Specialized Trail 110 shoes review£90.00

Do-it-all kicks

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Specialized does a mountain bike shoe for every occasion, be it elite level cross-country racing, trail hunting or just bimbling around the woods – but what about a single pair of shoes that’ll do it all? Enter the Trail 110...

It uses the same midsole and upper technology as Specialized’s mid-level cross-country race shoes (see the MotoDiva) but the upper extends higher around the sides of the ankles to provide protection, warmth and comfort on the trail.

The rear of the shoe is cut away to reduce irritation to the Achilles tendon and improve pedalling action, but this can also let in dirt in dry, dusty conditions.

Despite the boot cut the Trail 110’s synthetic leather upper isn’t actually that warm as it’s quite thin, so it’s great for summer trail riders but not so hot (literally) for winter mud-pluggers.

Small niggles aside, we love this shoe: it’s a tough cookie and can be kicked and abused for years without any real trouble.

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