Specialized Sonoma Woman shoes review£49.99

Casual town shoes

BikeRadar score4/5

For a subtle, about town look, the Specialized Sonomas are a perfect choice; their sole has an inverse tread, with holes cut into the sole rather than raised grips, and even though the sole looks a bit smooth it’s fine for off the bike, though probably more for walking on pavements than rocky paths. 

The sole's pretty stiff too, so though the Sonomas wouldn’t be a first choice for a hike’n’bike, for pure cycling they’re great.

Two Velcro closures mean quick fastening, but if your feet are on the wide side, or you have a high instep, you might struggle to get a firm fastening with the shortish straps. Ours came undone while walking. 

The leather toe offers extra protection, which is nice, though they could do with some reflectives, especially as they’re aimed at city riding.

Sizing seemed spot on – which is good if you’re buying online. 

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