Specialized Taho Women's shoe review£54.99

A rugged SPD shoe with Body Geometry insole, designed for feminine feet.

BikeRadar score4/5

The Tahos take their inspiration from rugged terrain, and include a tyre-tread style pattern underfoot. They're quite heavy thanks to all the rubber - but should go the distance. Despite this, the uppers aren't too chunky or blocky looking with a narrow Velcro strap.

The shoe is well padded, particularly the tongue, which makes them feel tighter for their size to start with. After wearing them in, the tongue settled down and loosened up the fit. Designed for women, the heel is noticeably narrow and well-shaped to cup the foot in place. The tongue sponges up the rain and ventilation is quite minimal, however the suede leather uppers are reasonably comfortable in the heat. Soles feel more flexible in the forefoot than any others on test and are easy to walk in. The Body Geometry insole improves riding performance, though it is less noticeable than those in race shoes. Ample reflective dots too.

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