Spiuk ZS1 mountain bike shoes review£68.00

Budget race-style off-road footwear

BikeRadar score3.5/5

If you want race-spec mountain bike shoes with fast looks at a great price, Spiuk's ZS1M shoes are worth a look.

With their nylon and fibreglass soles, the ZS1Ms get round the common complaints about carbon fibre mountain bike shoes.

Some riders find carbon soles give them sore feet, while others prefer to have a degree of feeling through the shoe.

For those people, the Spiuk ZS1is one of the most comfortable and well specced mid- price race shoes we’ve tried.

Synthetic leather and heavy-duty nylon mesh make up the upper, with a reinforced heel cup aiding the feeling of pedalling efficiency.

 The fit is reasonably wide, butnot especially deep. We had to remove the insole to get enough depth for our toes. 

That’s a real shame, because the ZS1 comes with two different insoles, a vented one for summer and a standard one for all other times.

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