Spiuk ZS11RCSL road shoes review£164.99

Year-round race shoes

BikeRadar score4/5

The Spiuks are very well ventilated, with long slashes of open weave fabric down the sides and a breathable tongue giving great airflow. The large, deep, synthetic material uppers suit broader feet, though one of the three closure straps has a ratchet adjuster with three height settings, so we found it easy to tune the fit.

The toe box is rounded, deep and very well vented, but won’t suit those with a pronounced big toe – we had a bit of friction on the inside edge of the toe box, though the material has given over time. The heel cup is beautifully comfortable and supportive. The shoes come with two well-shaped, multi-density insoles, one perforated for summer use, the other closed for winter riding.

The full-carbon soles look extremely similar to those on Time’s excellent shoe range. They have a super-stiff centre section, which thins out at the edges, as well as pronounced heel and toe bumpers, and a large meshed vent in front of the cleat position, which adds to the excellent ventilation of the uppers.

Hitting the scales at 345g per shoe, these aren’t the lightest models on the market, but that weight is still within the range we’d expect at this pricepoint. Those two pairs of seasonal insoles are a great bonus, allowing you to chop and change across the year. all in all, the Zs11rCsLs have a lot going for them.

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