Spiuk ZS1M shoes review£85.00

Well-priced race footwear

BikeRadar score3/5

Take a quick glance at this purposeful and sleek-looking mountain bike shoe and you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a £170 race shoe. Knock 100 quid off and you’re nearer the price of the bargain Spiuk ZS1M.

The plain, unassuming midsole is constructed from nylon and manages to be both stiff and walkable with perhaps the nod just going to the stiff corner.

The uppers are manmade leather – they’re not quite as adaptable to foot shape as Lorica offerings, for example, but pretty good all the same.

The toe and heel both get plastic reinforcement, which helps give the ZS1M that racing feel, as does the ubiquitous mix of Velcro straps and micro buckle closures.

If you’re after a general purpose mountain bike shoe for a reasonable price, but want it to look racy rather than like something a hiker might wear, then the Spiuk ZS1M is well worth a look.

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