Time MXC Shoes review£82.50

No-nonsense, protective mountain bike shoes

BikeRadar score4/5

No-nonsense cross-country shoes to match Time's knee-friendly, mud-shedding clipless pedals. The MXCs can cope with the odd trip ‘off-piste’ without getting messed up like some more fragile race-style shoes.

The MXCs' overall feel is of stiff, tougher-than-usual cross-country/trail shoes, yet at 716g per pair, they're midweight shoes.

They have reinforced nylon soles, which should be more than stiff enough for most riders.

The strong toecaps are ideal if you like putting your foot out in downhill corners, as they'll protect your toes.

The uppers are a mix of synthetic leather and heavy-duty nylon mesh to aid cooling.

That extra protection adds weight and actually serves to give almost too much structure to the MXCs' uppers, leading to a fit that can feel rather uncompromising at first.

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