Vaude Ridge AM mountain bike shoes review£105.00

Rugged dual-purpose footwear

BikeRadar score3/5

Designed for TransAlp style riding, the Ridge AMs are as comfortable off the bike as on it. The fit is wide, but the combination of laces and substantial Velcro strap kept them securely in place even on this tester’s skinny feet.

The insole is supportive and has an antibacterial treatment, which means the shoes don’t pong too badly. At 1,322g they’re a bit on the heavy side, but not unreasonable and we’d happily wear these all day off the bike.

The recessed cleat means you can run them clipless or flat as you prefer. That sort of shoe often has flexy soles where you can feel the cleat as you pedal. Not so here, as the pressure is spread over a wider area.

You do get a sense of the sole curling over the pedals where the stiffening plate ends though, especially when you’re turning on the power. They’ll cope with an epic all-day ride, but are better suited to trail riding or multi-activity weekends when you only want to take one pair of shoes.

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