Mematec Boot Heater XL review£79.95

Partial solution to cold tootsie conundrum

BikeRadar score3/5

If there's one thing we know about apart from bikes, it's cold feet. Oooh, don't get us started. So imagine our excitement when these foot warmers hit the doormat…

The idea is pretty straightforward: it's a pair of insoles with a heating element under the toes/forefoot, the power coming from a battery pack that lives in a pocket on the side of the neoprene overshoes. You get three different temperature settings with up to five hours of heat on the lowest of them and up to two hours on top whack. All good.

Trouble is, we were disappointed for two reasons. First, the level of warmth. Although they provide a decent temperature up front, the heated area is fairly limited and you have to use the overshoes provided, which have an open sole, meaning that fully enclosed overshoes in really cold weather are not an option. Second, the battery pack measures 63x55x30mm and weighs 175g, which might not sound much, but sitting just above your ankle… we just couldn't get used to it.

Oh, and third, it looks like you're wearing jet-propelled booties.

Would we pay £80 for a set? No. But as soon as they extend the heated area and power them off a coin battery we'll be first in the queue. 

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