KHE Half-link Hollow Chain review£21.99

The missing link for hard used fixies/ singlespeeds

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Pardon the pun but this weighty BMX chain might be the missing link for hard used fixies/ singlespeeds.

Half link designs have two distinct advantages. First and foremost, strength: each link is designed to protect the other which can prove particularly significant when accelerating aggressively or braking using the transmission. Secondly, it ensures very precise chain alignment especially with horizontal dropouts.

Plating is sensibly thick and has been highly resistant to rot despite the unusually wet conditions, thanks in part to the healthy application of oil at the factory. Tortured along dung-strewn lanes and starved of additional lubrication, the chain has remained remarkably silent. It took a week's constant exposure to torrential downpours and constant transmission braking before surface rust reared its ugly head.

Sure, it's portly but it's designed for the daily grind and not featherweight TT/hill climb mounts. However, BMX chains are notably shorter, which is fine on bikes with short chainstays running unusual set-ups (say a nine-tooth rear sprocket with a 32 front) but tricky with traditional road gearing.

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