Trail Tech: RockShox Pike air spring adjustment video

How to firm up your Pike's air spring using Bottomless Tokens

Tech-savvy mountain bikers have been fine-tuning the feel of air-sprung suspension forks for years by adding a few milliliters of suspension fluid to air spring chambers, thereby reducing the air volume, resulting in a more progressive spring rate. In developing the Pike, RockShox engineers simplified the process of fine-tuning the fork’s spring rate by incorporating a series of plastic volume reducers into the new fork.

These spacers, dubbed Bottomless Tokens, reduce the air volume, which in turn creates a more progressive air spring that is more resistant to bottoming out. Depending on version of the Pike you own—the wheelsize, amount of travel, etc.—there may already be Bottomless Tokens pre-installed at the factory in order to create the desired spring rate. “Generally speaking, the shorter the travel, the more Bottomless Tokens come installed in your fork,” said Shawn Cruickshanks, suspension expert with SRAM.

More Bottomless Tokens = less volume in the air chamber, which results in a more progressive spring rate

Most 29in pikes have bottomless tokens pre-installed at the factory:
Most 29in pikes have bottomless tokens pre-installed at the factory:

Most 29in Pikes come with Bottomless spacers installed from the factory

Watch the video the step-by-step instructions on how to install or remove Bottomless Tokens from your Pike fork.

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A sign of things to come?

It’s conceivable that this easy to adjust air spring system will be incorporated into other forks in the RockShox product line. We’ll have to wait to see what 2014 brings.

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