Specialized Rime Elite MTB shoes review£100.00

Quietly impressive Velcro-fastening trail shoes

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The Rime perhaps doesn’t look like a shoe worthy of its price tag – check those Velcro straps – but its performance more than stacks up, if you’re looking for a well performing all-rounder.

Those three straps do a grand job of securing across the wraparound-style, well-padded tongue. Although riders with low-volume feet might find a bit of bunching in the sole, this never led to discomfort.

With plenty of mesh up top, the Rime Elites are a cool place to be. But the thickish nature of that mesh also means splashes are fairly well protected against.

Toe protection is good at the front, but the soft sides mean rock scrapes are a touch more risky. Heel hold is good though, meaning so long as you don’t bang into things, you’re feet should be pain free. Specialized’s Body Geometry insoles are also very comfortable, and help canter the knee out for optimal pedalling.

Down below, the sole is fairly stiff but rolls up towards the toe, meaning it walks well on hard surfaces. Vibram rubber and a fairly aggressive tread take care of softer conditions, while the textured tread in the mid-sole is great if you miss a pedal while clipping in. It might not look superior from the outset, but the Rime Elite has impressed.

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine.

Tom Marvin

Technical Editor, Tech Hub, UK
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