Are weird bikes, beards and suffering a compulsory part of bikepacking?

BikeRadar heads to Gran Canaria for eight days of riding to find out

Does bikepacking have to be arduous? We find out

BikeRadar's Jon Woodhouse, Tom Marvin and Seb Stott wanted to escape the UK winter in search of some sunshine so they packed their bikes and jetted out to Gran Canaria on a bikepacking adventure.

We didn’t go down the conventional route foraging for grubs

“There seems to be some sort of innate suffering needed to go bikepacking, so we set out to prove that bikepacking could be fun,” says technical editor, Jon Woodhouse.

“We didn’t go down the conventional route of eating dried food or foraging for grubs or doing whatever proper bikepackers are supposed to do,” continues Jon. “We decided that we’d get in loads of rad riding, we’d carry all our stuff with us, and most of all, we were going to have fun.”

Watch the video to see how the trio got on.

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