SRAM X01 DH downhill specific groupset - first look

Seven and 10-speed dedicated downhill group

SRAM have launched a dedicated downhill version of itsX01 second tier mountain bike drivetrain. Badged X01 DH, it's available this April in two flavours: A pioneering, ultra light and compact 7-speed option and a 10-speed version that makes use of several existing SRAM components. BikeRadar now have complete details, including pricing and claimed weights, for this exciting new group.

X01 DH X-SYNC Carbon Crank & Chainrings

The new downhill-specific crank uses carbon fibre arms and comes in at a claimed weight of 740g including the bottom bracket. XO1 DH uses the same 94mm BCD as regular X01, differing from the 76mm BCD rings and spiders used on the flagship XX1 group. Chainrings sizes will also be the same as regular X01 with 30, 32, 34, 36 and 38 tooth options. Both GXP and BB30 bottom-bracket versions will be available.

Talking of chainrings, SRAM's X-Sync models will once again play a key part in retaining the chain of the new group with the stepped narrow-wide design appearing unchanged for the downhill group.

Pricing for the XO1 DH crankset is £229.99 / € 280 for the GXP version, and £249.99 / €310 for the BB30 version.

XG-795 X01 DH Mini Block cassette

SRAM x01 dh 7-speed (l) and 10-speed (r) cassettes:
SRAM x01 dh 7-speed (l) and 10-speed (r) cassettes:

The all new XG-975 is a seven speed cassette with gearing that has been optimised for downhill riders. The idea of the 10–24t gearing, complete with its unique two-tooth steps, is that larger jumps between the gears should eliminate the need for double/triple shifts. The resulting (10-12-14-16-18-21-24) set-up not only allows for larger clearance around the cassette but that 10t rear sprocket also increases clearance at the front - as such a tall gear requires smaller front rings when compared to a regular downhill setup. It's also incredibly light with a claimed weight of just 136g! It's compatible with any SRAM XD driver body.

Meanwhile, the 10-speed version of the groupset is designed to work with SRAM's existing PG-1070, 12-36 road-cassette.

Pricing for the XG-975 cassette is £229.99 / €269.

XG-795 x01 dh mini block cassette

X01 DH rear derailleur — two versions

The X01 DH rear derailleur will come in 7- and 10-speed versions. All the pertinent tech from XX1 and X01 carries over, including the Roller Bearing Clutch mechanism, the X-Horizon parallelogram design and Cage Lock. The 12-tooth pulley wheels also carry over. Unlike SRAM's other 11-speed mountain groups, X01 DH uses an aluminum pulley cage.

SRAM x01 dh 7-speed (l) and 10-speed (r) derailleurs: sram x01 dh 7-speed (l) and 10-speed (r) derailleurs
SRAM x01 dh 7-speed (l) and 10-speed (r) derailleurs: sram x01 dh 7-speed (l) and 10-speed (r) derailleurs

SRAM will offer the X01 DH rear derailleur in short and medium cage lengths. The medium length version is intended to be used with suspension designs with a significant amount of chain growth. The claimed weight for the X01 DH rear derailleur is 257g (short cage) and 263g (medium cage).

The X01 DH rear derailleur will retail for £199.99 / €245.

X01 dh rear derailleur

X01 DH 7-speed trigger shifter

SRAM x01 dh 7-speed shifter black:
SRAM x01 dh 7-speed shifter black:

The X01 DH 7-speed trigger is a unit that holds a lot in common with the regular X01 trigger shifter. It uses the same cable pull and has the same ZERO LOSS design, allowing you to fire off successive shifts with ease. Like the X01 shifters they're also MatchMaker X compatible and there's the same aluminum shield that allows access to the shift cable and other internals. Claimed weight for the X01 7-speed DH trigger shifter is 91g.

The ten speed trigger shifter set to be used with X01 DH is actually the latest X0 component. Similarly,  SRAM's X0 10-speed gripshift is also compatible.

The 7-speed version, like X01 and XX1 uses SRAM's PC-XX1 chain. Ten-speed X01 DH uses SRAM's PC-1091 chain.

Pricing for the 7-speed X01 DH trigger is £99.99 / € 125.

SRAM x01 dh trigger shifter
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