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Shimano increases Steps E5000 motor power with firmware update

New 'Sportive' mode increases power output by ~20% in eco and normal modes

Shimano Steps E5000 motor firmware update

Shimano has released new firmware for its urban-focused Steps E5000 electric bike motor, giving a new higher-powered ‘Sportive’ setting that increases the motor’s power by roughly 20 per cent in normal and eco modes.


The original firmware for the motor offered a pre-programmed ‘Comfort’ setting, which gave a fairly typical eco, normal and high mode.

The all-new Sportive setting ups the power in the normal and eco modes, giving a “punchier” ride quality that will make it easier to “pull away from traffic lights, get up hills and carry shopping”.

The unit’s top assisted speed of 25km/h is unchanged, as is its 40Nm maximum output torque. The setting instead changes how the motor controller delivers power in relation to a rider’s input.

Steps E5000 motor assistance levels

Shimano Steps E5000 motor firmware update
The new Sportive setting will give a “punchier” ride quality in the eco and normal modes.

New Sportive setting

  • Normal mode – 125%

  • Eco mode – 60%

Old Comfort setting

  • Normal mode – 100%

  • Eco mode – 40%

How to install new Shimano Steps E5000 firmware

  1. Ensure the e-Tube app on your phone, tablet or PC is up to date with the latest version of the software

  2. Turn your bike on, search for your bike within the app and complete the wireless connection

  3. Update components via the app

  4. Select the drive unit and change the characteristic from Comfort to Sportive mode


Shimano adds that it’s possible to switch between the two modes via either the bike’s information display or the EW-EN100 switch.