New 2021 Basso Diamante SV is more integrated, more aero and very pretty

Super Veloce aero bike launched

Basso Diamante SV aero bike

Basso Bikes has launched its all-new 2021 Diamante SV model, with the SV standing for Super Veloce, or “super fast” in Italian.


The new Diamante SV follows the classic aero bike profile, with truncated aerofoil tube shapes and dropped seatstays.

But there’s also a really skinny fork that sets the bike apart from most aero bikes. It’s been designed with wider spacing between the fork blades and the wheel, to improve airflow and aerodynamics and to add compliance (there’s clearance for 32mm tyres) while maintaining stiffness, according to Basso.

Basso Diamante SV aero bike
The Diamante SV is Basso’s new aero bike. It sports many of the features we’ve come to expect from an aero machine but the fork is notably skinny.
Basso Bikes

The new bike’s integration has been upped too, which Basso says offers the benefits of simplicity, safety and ease of use, in addition to the aero and aesthetic advantages.

That integration includes an aero cockpit with fully enclosed cable runs, though the bar and stem remain separate to allow adjustment. The stem also has a new clamping system that’s both aero and extra-safe, Basso says.

Aero and comfortable

As with many new aero bikes, the Diamante SV is disc-only, although you can run either a mechanical or an electronic groupset. There’s a lot of frame clearance too, so you can fit 32mm tyres to up contact, grip, vibration damping and comfort over varied surfaces.

Other comfort features built into the Diamante SV include split spacers under the stem, which are designed to offer quick adjustment, but also include composite inserts to apparently help with vibration damping.

Basso’s seatpost clamp is neat and designed to smooth the road too. There are three bolts at the rear of the flat-backed seat tube holding the seatpost securely in place, while a rubber insert slides between the post and the seat tube at their junction.

Like other Basso bikes, the new 2021 Diamante SV has size-specific tube sections. Basso says this ensures a consistent ride quality between the seven frame sizes from 48cm to 63cm.

Even the paint is aero

Basso Diamante SV aero bike
The paint is also aero, apparently. Perhaps Alcide Basso’s signature has that effect.
Basso Bikes

You can buy the Basso Diamante SV in three rather sharp-looking colour schemes: black and purple, silver with black accents, and white with black.

Basso says that even the paint is aero, with a structure containing ceramic nanoparticles, for a less porous, more compact and more uniform surface that’s less draggy, more water repellent and more durable – as well as easier to clean. Well, that’s what Basso says anyway.


Basso has an online configurator for the Diamante SV. It’s available kitted out with anything from Shimano Ultegra Di2 up to Campagnolo Super Record EPS. Prices start from £3,799.99 for the frameset.