The Brompton P Line replaces the Superlight as the brand’s lightest bike

The updated name completes Brompton's simplified folding bike categories

Brompton P Line folding bike being ridden down road

Brompton has announced the P Line, a new version of its Superlight folding bike. The Brompton P Line features a new steel and titanium frame, and a patent-pending gear system and wheelset, alongside a host of other updates.

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The Brompton Superlight was first introduced in 2005 as a weight-saving bike that Brompton says made it easier for riders to get around, thanks to it being lighter to lift and carry, as well as faster on the road.

Updating the Superlight to P Line is part of Brompton’s move to simplify its folding bike categories, alongside the ‘essential’ A Line and ‘classic’ C Line.

The P Line has a claimed weight of 9.65kg, which is said to be nearly 2kg less than the C Line model.

The bike will be available in Storm Grey and Midnight Black metallic colours and will cost £2,100 / $2,750.

Steel and titanium frame

Brompton P Line being ridden round street corner photographed from low angle
The P Line has a combination of steel and titanium frame sections.

The P Line uses a steel mainframe with a titanium fork and titanium rear triangle.

Brompton says this reduces the weight of the frame by 700g when compared to its equivalent all-steel frame. The brand also claims this helps smooth out bumps in the road thanks to titanium’s shock-absorbing properties.

The Superlight also has this combination of steel and titanium frame parts, but Brompton says it has redesigned the rear titanium triangle.

Brompton has reworked the frame’s suspension block, too, which is said to improve control and handling, and maximise pedalling efficiency.

Patent-pending gearing system

Close up of Brompton P Line gear system and derailleur
The new gear system trades an internal gear hub for a cassette and derailleur.

The other big update on the P Line is a new patent-pending 4-speed gear system. This features a cassette rather than the internal gear hubs found on other Brompton bikes.

In keeping with the low-weight design goal of the P Line, this system features a 60-gram derailleur. The derailleur is said to “fit inside the compact fold” of the bike, presumably in an attempt to minimise the chances of it getting knocked and damaged.

The gear system’s four sprockets have 11, 13, 15 and 18 teeth. This is said to have a gear ratio 60 per cent larger than Brompton’s 2-speed hub gearing and a similar ratio to its 3-speed hub.

The P Line will be available with either a 50-tooth or 54-tooth front chainring.


Close up of Brompton P Line rear wheel
The wheelset is said to be the lightest and sturdiest Brompton has created yet.

The P Line features a new wheelset from Brompton, which the brand says is the sturdiest and lightest it has ever created.

The wheelset has a new rear hub, which has been designed to accommodate the 4-speed gear set. There are aluminium rims and double-butted spokes.

The wheels have hex key axles and a new derailleur hanger mount, which should make for easier puncture repairs and maintenance.

Seatpost and portability

Close up of roller wheels on Brompton P Line
Brompton has increased the rolling wheel size for easier manoeuvrability.

To make moving the P Line around easier when it’s folded up, Brompton has come up with a new seatpost design.

The seatpost can be locked at two separate heights, so you can have the post fully down for storing or halfway up for rolling.

The post will be available in two different lengths for a maximum inside leg of 84cm / 33in or 88cm / 35in. There is also a telescopic option for taller riders who want to minimise the height of the saddle when the P Line is folded.

Brompton says the rolling wheels are lighter and larger to make pushing the bike when it is folded easier.

Brompton has also created a new lightweight saddle with a carbon-reinforced base and integrated carry handle.

Where does the P Line fit in Brompton’s new bike categories?

Earlier this year, Brompton announced it was overhauling its product naming conventions to move to ‘Lines’ with models centred on riders’ needs. Brompton says this simplifies the process of buying one of its bikes.

P Line currently consists of one bike and sits above Brompton’s A Line and C Line in terms of price and performance claims.

A Line is Brompton’s ‘essential’ (most affordable) line, currently consisting of a single one-size-fits-all model with a 3-speed hub.

C Line is Brompton’s classic range, with models called Urban, Utility and Explore.

C Line Urban has a two-speed hub, making it lighter and easier to carry. C Line Utility has a three-speed hub and is said to be a more robust design. C Line Explore can be loaded with luggage and is more suitable for longer trips with six gears.

Brompton has also introduced the C Line Electric category which, as the name suggests, are electric motorised versions of the C Line bikes. These bikes are currently the most expensive in the Brompton range.

Brompton P Line spec and price

The Brompton P Line is available in one model with a variety of modifications to make it suitable for shorter or taller riders. These include different-length seat posts and low, mid or high handlebars.

The P Line will be available with either a 50-tooth or 54-tooth front chainring.

You will be able to purchase P Line with Schwalbe One tyres, faster-rolling Continental Contact Urban tyres or puncture-resistant Schwalbe Marathon Racer tyres with reflective sidewalls.

The P Line also comes with bike lights, mudguards, a pump and a luggage mount.

The P Line is available in the UK and Europe now and will be available in the USA in January 2022.

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  • Frame: Steel mainframe with Superlight Advance titanium rear triangle
  • Fork: Titanium
  • Gears: 11-18t 4-speed cassette, 50t or 54t front chainring
  • Brakes: Brompton dual-pivot rim brakes
  • Handlebar: Brompton low, medium or high aluminium alloy bar
  • Saddle: Brompton Superlight with chromoly rails, carbon-reinforced base, carry handle and light mount
  • Seatpost: Brompton standard length, extended length or telescopic
  • Tyres:  349×35mm Schwalbe One, Continental Contact Urban, Schwalbe Marathon Racer
  • Wheels: Brompton 16in
  • Mudguards: Brompton
  • Lights: Brompton 500-lumen rechargeable front light and rear battery lamp
  • Pedals: Brompton folding left-hand pedal and non-folding right-hand pedal
  • Price: £2,100 / $2,750