Lazer launches new road, enduro and time trial helmets at Eurobike

KinetiCore rolled out to all models

Lazer has released a range of new helmets at Eurobike, covering everything from full-face enduro lids to two slippery time trial racing helmets.

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All helmets feature Lazer’s KinetiCore technology – the brand’s proprietary take on a MIPS-like technology designed to protect wearers from both the linear and rotational forces in an impact.

All helmets feature neat integration with the brand’s new Universal Lazer LED rear light, which mounts using a quarter turn.

Pricing and availability for all territories is TBC.

Lazer Cage KinetiCore

The Cage is intended primarily for enduro racing and is unlikely to be used by downhill racers.
Jack Luke / Our Media

The Lazer Cage KinetiCore is an all-new full-face mountain biking helmet that is designed primarily for enduro racing.

The Cage KinetiCore is the highest-rated full-face helmet according to Virginia Tech’s testing (which is quickly establishing itself as something of an industry standard for helmet safety).

Neat magnets integrated into the side of the helmet hold the buckles in place.
Jack Luke / Our Media

It features a magnetic buckle, is compatible with neck braces and features a flat rear face to improve goggle retention.

Lazer Coyote KinetiCore

The Coyote sees a number of welcome changes.
Jack Luke / Our Media

The Coyote KinetiCore is Lazer’s entry-level trail helmet and replaces the non-KinetiCore equipped helmet that launched in 2019.

The new helmet gets a lightly revised shape and now features an adjustable peak. It is also claimed to be 3 per cent lighter than the equivalent MIPS-equipped helmet.

Lazer Victor and Volante KinetiCore

The Victor is Lazer’s short-tail time trial helmet.
Jack Luke / Our Media

Though neither was previously available with MIPS, Lazer’s two current time trial helmets have also got the KinetiCore treatment.

The Victor is the shorter of the two helmets and is designed for more dynamic riding. Lazer suggests those who enjoy track racing or riders who struggle to hold an aero position will be best served by the Victor.

The Volante is intended for time trials.
Jack Luke / Our Media

The Volante features a longer tail and is intended for time trial racing and triathlons.

Lazer Tempo KinetiCore

The Tempo is the brand’s new budget road helmet.
Jack Luke / Our Media

The Tempo Kineticore is Lazer’s new entry-level road helmet.

The one-size-fits-all helmet features KinetiCore.

According to the press release for the helmet, it is also compatible with Lazer’s winter cycling accessories, including the brand’s helmet liner. We don’t have a suitable photo of this yet, but imagine a medieval peasant’s skull cap made of fleece and you’re pretty close.

UK pricing will likely sit at around £45, though this is to be finalised. International pricing is TBC.

Lazer Tonic KinetiCore

The Tonic is the brand’s entry-level road helmet.
Jack Luke / Our Media

Finally, the Tonic is a new entry-level road helmet that will sit above the Tempo.

This is available in a typical range of sizes and features a vertically adjustable ‘basket’ (the cage that hugs your occipital lobes).

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The helmet also features a port for storing cycling sunglasses.