New Manitou Mattoc fork covers all disciplines and budgets

Manitou’s new Mattoc is a fork for all, with 110mm to 160mm travel and modular internals

Manitou Mattoc

Manitou’s new Mattoc fork features 34mm stanchions and covers all disciplines, with travel lengths from 110mm to 160mm, rising in 10mm increments.


The new fork is available in options to suit either 27.5in or 29in wheels, and there are three versions.

All models feature a forged aluminium crown and 7000-series aluminium lowers with Manitou’s signature reverse arch.

The Pro is priced at $1,049.99/€1,260, the Expert at $799.99/€990 and the Comp at $549.99/€720.

Manitou says the fork is available now, with the stock moving through distributors.

A fork for all

Manitou Mattoc
The Manitou Mattoc can be set up for XC or all-mountain.

Manitou says the new Mattoc can be adapted for most disciplines including cross-country racing, trail riding and enduro racing thanks to a wide range of travel options.

The fork sits just below the Manitou Mezzer in terms of travel, with the Mattoc Comp able to cater up to 160mm. The Expert and Pro forks have a maximum of 150mm travel.

The 29in version of the Mattoc features a 44mm offset, while the 27.5in version is available with either a 37mm or 44mm offset.

Manitou says this gives the fork high levels of versatility and allows for compatibility with a variety of sizes.

The Mattoc Pro incorporates high-end technologies seen on some of Manitou’s high-end forks.

Manitou Mattoc
Manitou claims the Mattoc is ‘the people’s fork’ due to its versatility.

All spec levels of the Mattoc use the brand’s Dorado Air spring system and Infinite Rate Tune (IRT), which enables you to independently adjust air pressures at the beginning and end of the stroke.

A secondary positive air spring is fitted within the fork that affects only the middle to end of the stroke of the fork.

This enables the main air spring to be set to a lower pressure for small-bump sensitivity, while maintaining mid-stroke and end-stroke ramp-up.

The Pro version also uses an MC2 sealed damper. Manitou says this gives the fork a consistent and lighter breakaway force thanks to the bladder system, which compensates for heat build-up with a relief valve.

The system also uses Manitou’s Hydraulic Bottom Out system, which is said to control the final 30mm of travel and ensures you don’t feel the bottom of your travel.

Modular Mattoc models

Manitou Mattoc
The dampers change through the range, with the top model featuring a Dorado air spring.

Manitou says all Mattoc forks are compatible with all internals in the Mattoc range, allowing you to upgrade your fork at a later date.

The mid-level Expert and entry-level Comp versions feature an Expert Air spring with an Incremental Volume Adjust (IVA), which allows for a customised ramp-up by moving spacers up and down in the fork that changes the volume of the piston.

Mattoc Pro and Expert models feature the new Trail Side Relief screws, which enable you to release pressure that builds up from hard riding and elevation changes.

Unlike the pressure-release valve found on some Fox forks, this system is not tool-free and requires a small Allen key to unscrew the valve.


Manitou claims the Mattoc Comp 29in weighs 2,020g, which is 270g heavier than the 29in Pro model at 1,750g. The 27.5in versions are a claimed 20g lighter than the 29in counterparts.