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Rad Power Bikes releases the RadTrike, an electric tricycle designed to aid mobility

Electric tricycle is the brand's most requested model

Woman riding Rad Power Bikes electric tricycle.

Rad Power Bikes has released the RadTrike, a new electric tricycle said to bring the joys of electric bikes to more riders.


Rad Power Bikes, the largest North American ebike company, says the RadTrike “blurs the lines between ebikes and light electric vehicles” and expands access to “car-alternative transportation”.

Trikes are said to be Rad Power’s most requested model and the RadTrike is part of the company’s ambition to provide improved mobility options.


The RadTrike is a response to demand from Rad Power customers for an electric trike.
Rad Power Bikes

The RadTrike is reflective of what BikeRadar contributor Vicky Balfour described as an ‘exciting time’ for adaptive bikes in our recent buyer’s guide, with more brands developing options for disabled cyclists, including companies such as Jorvik and Sixthreezero creating electrified three-wheelers, and Islabikes releasing the Joni, a bike for people with dwarfism.

Mike Radenbaugh, founder and chairman of Rad Power Bikes, says developing the RadTrike began with speaking to a customer who couldn’t ride a ‘traditional’ bike due to health reasons.

Since then, he’s had “countless conversations” with customers looking to the brand for solutions.

“Fast forward to now, we’ve honed our expertise to create a high-value, purpose-built three-wheel option that will popularise another micromobility category,” says Radenbaugh.

Sarah Bruce Courtney, the brand’s senior product manager, says riding on two wheels can be prohibitive and daunting to some people.

Bruce Courtney says the RadTrike was designed for “those who simply haven’t ridden a bike in a while, struggle with balance, or face mobility challenges”.

Electric bikes of all kinds can offer a solution to car dependency and transport poverty and help people keep fit.

Bruce Courtney echoes these points, saying with the RadTrike individuals can “ride to the grocery store, cruise around their neighbourhood, or pursue new outdoor activities”.

Step-through steel frame and Pedal Assist System

The e-trike has a Pedal Assist System and throttle.
Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes says the RadTrike has several features designed to help people ride compared to non-assisted bikes.

A 5-level Pedal Assist System and electric motor are said to help people ride with less exertion.

The RadTrike provides ‘on-demand throttle’, which is legal in the USA, but would be prohibited under the UK’s electric bike laws.

The e-trike is singlespeed with two brake types, a rear coaster brake and front-wheel disc brake. Rad Power Bikes says these features simplify the operation and the maintenance of an electric bike.

The brand says the step-through design and parking brake help riders with getting on and off the bike, while the adjustable saddle, backrest and sweeping handlebar mean riders can find a position that works for them.

The tricycle has racks and can be fitted with accessories such as baskets.
Rad Power Bikes

The trike’s steel frame can support weights up to 188kg (415lb) and dampens bumps in the road, according to Rad Power Bikes.

The RadTrike is said to also fit through most exterior doorways and features a reverse mode for manoeuvrability.

The trike can be folded for transport or storage and is compatible with Rad Power Bikes’ range of accessories and baskets, to increase carrying capacity alongside its in-built racks.

Rad Power Bikes says the RadTrike is available for pre-order in the USA and costs $2,499. It will start shipping in mid-January.