Mio unveil Cyclo 100 series bike computers - Eurobike 2012

Dedicated units for beginner and elite cyclists

Mio have launched a range of bike computers, Cyclo 100, aimed at sportive and performance cyclists, complimenting their existing Cyclo 300 GPS series.

The four-strong range starts with the basic Cyclo 100 at €139.99 and tops out with the bells and whistles Cyclo 100 HC at €239.99. All four will be available from the end of September.

Mio Cyclo 100

Mio’s most basic computer  records time, speed, distance, height and calorie consumption, as well as tracking with its in-built GPS. Its 1.8” anti-glare screen has a simple layout and is customisable. Battery life is claimed to be 18 hours.

Mio Cyclo 105 series

Complete with all the functions of the 100 series, the all three devices in the 105 series comes with an in-built ANT+ sensor. The Cyclo 100 (€169.99) is capable of calculating cadence and heart rate but doesn’t come with the sensors. The Cyclo 105 H (€209.99) comes with the heart rate monitor, while the Cycle HC (€239.99) comes with the heart rate monitor and cadence sensor.

After early cycling flirtations with the Tour de France on childhood holidays, John Whitney fell for it hook, line and sinker in his mid-20s as an escape from the more sedate sports of his youth. As a classically trained news reporter, he snagged his dream job as a cycling writer straight out of college and is now fully immersed in the industry and wouldn't have it any other way.
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